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Climate is the long-term average of the region’s weather events. therefore, the climate of Earth is not static.  Climate change, over the millions of years of earth’s existence. It has changed many times response to natural causes like ice age glaciations, sun spots etc.

Climate  Change means the change of climate which is attributed directly or indirectly to human activity. therefore, that changes the composition of the global Atmosphere and observed over an equal time period. However, when people talk about ‘climate change’. therefore, they mean the changes in climate over the last 100 years which is caused mostly by human activities.

The saying ‘climate change’ represents a change in weather patterns. Climate change is not a change of weather on a particular day. For example, it is possible that a winter day in Jammu could be sunny and mild.  But, the average weather, the Climate change, tells us that Jammu’s winter with mainly be cold and include snow and rain.

Climate change is measurable effects of the continuous warming movement. Climate change is usually measured in major shifts in temperature, rainfall, snow and wind patterns lasting decade or more.

rge nHumans are creating climate change by burning laumbers of fossil fuels like  (coal, natural gas, oil) and deforestation.

What is the Difference Between “Climate Change” and “Global Warming”?

Climate change refers to any long-term change in Earth’s climate, or in the climate of a region or city. This includes warming, cooling and changes besides temperature.

Global warming refers to the long-term increase in Earth’s average temperature near the earth’s surface and in the troposphere. In which, it can contribute to changes in global climate patterns.


  • Climate change will make monsoons unstable.
  • Climate change causing food insecurity and loss of livelihood.
  • It rising levels of the sea in the coastal areas.
  • Climate change will damage nursery areas for fisheries, causing coastal erosion and flooding.
  • Arctic regions, Sub-Saharan Africa, small islands and Asian mega deltas, the Ganga and Brahmaputra  will be affected due to Climate change
  • Increase the salinity of groundwater in the Sunderbans and surface water in coastal areas due to Climate change.
  • Huge biodiversity loss due to Climate change.
  • Climate change affecting both individual species and their ecosystem support of economic growth and well being.
  • Direct impact on human health due to climate change.


  1. Agriculture – The government of India gives two risk financing programmes i.e… “The crop insurance scheme” and “Credit support Mechanism” for framers, especially for crop failure due to Climate change.
  2. Forestry –  The afforestation process increased by the enactment of the forest conservation act of 1980.
  3. Water –  The national water policy is to govern the planning and development of water resources. it is also optimum utilization of water for Climate Change.
  4. Coastal – Restriction has been imposed in the area between 200m and 500m of the High tide line.
  5. Health –  The prime objective health programmes are the surveillance of people, especially affecting vector-borne diseases due to Climate change.
Latest News

The latest activities in Climate change could contribute an additional $26 trillion to the world economy by 2030.

  • Organizations to understanding their commitment to Climate Change.
  •  It is indicated by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate Change.
  •  More than 65 million new low carbon employment” by 2030.
  •  Avoid more than 7,00,000 unexpected losses because of air contamination.

The move would include an adjustment in five key regions for Climate change:

  1. The growth of the clean energy scheme for Climate change.
  2. Urban Planning for Climate change.
  3. More practical horticulture for Climate change.
  4. Strong water policy for Climate change.
  5. Decarbonising industry for Climate change.

In this five region, the Government of world countries to put a cost on carbon $40­80 by 2020. This will help to reduce air contamination and improves the climate condition of the world countries.

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what is Climat change? what is the difference between gobal warming and climate change
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what is Climat change? what is the difference between gobal warming and climate change
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